Tammy Maloney BA, MBASocial Entrepreneur, SEA Change Agent and Founder of @seachangenation: aiming to create meaningful work opportunities that allow ALL people to live their lives as “expression of their potential as human beings.” 

Tammy has been bringing people together to affect positive change for over 25 years. She is uniquely qualified to help unite Albertans towards a shared vision of a compassionate economy that provides meaningful employment for ALL people and respects our natural environment because her education and experience are a balance between the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

In 2006, after 20 years in the private sector managing businesses and facilitating change management as a liaison between departments in the oil and gas industry, Tammy left Canada to obtain a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a focus in Social Entrepreneurship from the IESE Business School in Spain (ranked #1 in the world by The Economist in 2009).

In addition to being taught by two of the leading researchers in the field of social entrepreneurship, Tammy had the opportunity to meet and debate with some of the leading practitioners from across the globe as Chair of the 5th Annual Doing Good and Doing Well Conference, the leading European MBA conference on Social Entrepreneurship, Responsible Business and the “Triple Bottom Line”. She also volunteered for the 2007 European Venture Philanthropy Association conference.

Upon graduation, Tammy joined the William J. Clinton Foundation in Nigeria as Chief Operating Officer. There she spearheaded the development of a strategy to address malnutrition nationwide and fostered alliances between the three sectors including the Federal Ministry of Health, UNICEF and Nestle.

In 2009, Tammy returned to Calgary determined to find a gap that social entrepreneurship could fill. To familiarize herself with the social justice landscape in Alberta, she volunteered for three different departments and 5 different programs at The Mustard Seed and worked for The Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary as a Youthworker at the Avenue 15 shelter for homeless teens. Through these experiences Tammy discovered that for people dependent on social services to achieve self-reliance and community they need meaningful employment opportunities that could serve as a compassionate bridge into the mainstream economy.

To begin building this bridge, Tammy launched SEA Change Calgary Ltd. in 2010. It is currently focussed on social entrepreneurship advocacy, awareness and support services. She is a board member of epicYYC: a solution space, a member of the Steering Committee for Thrive Community Economic Development Network and participates in a Community Commerce Roundtable facilitated by Calgary Economic Development (CED).

In 2011, Tammy’s passion for bringing people together to affect positive change led her to make her foray into politics by running for the leadership of the Alberta Party. Although non-partisan, she was inspired by the possibilities that would be created if Albertans had a trusting and two-way relationship with their government. The election process (and loss) confirmed her belief she could generate more positive impact as a social entrepreneur than a politician.

After pouring her passion and heart into the public, private and non-profit sectors trying to determine which one should take the lead, Tammy has come to the conclusion it’s none of them. To end the divisive and bifurcated nature of our society and systems, she believes we need to leverage the principles of social entrepreneurship to unite the sectors towards a shared vision of creating prosperity for ALL people. To achieve this goal she is focussed on launching SEA Change Nation, an innovative for-profit, social enterprise using a LEARN – LAUNCH – SHARE business model to transform youth into social entrepreneurs that will lead the unification of our nation!

“Social entrepreneurship helps the poorest individuals to build lives that are not just a mere struggle for survival, but an expression of their potential as human beings.” ~Johanna Mair and Christian Seelos

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