(2) SEA Change Nation

SEA Change Nation is a for-profit social enterprise start-up aiming to train a new generation of entrepreneurs to lead the transformation of our economy so it respects social entrepreneurship’s blended value system of (1) People, (2) Planet and (3) Profit.

Our innovative 3-SEA Change Model has been uniquely designed to transform youth into social entrepreneurs. Through the interconnected actions of (1) Learning in our Academy, (2) Launching in our Accelerator and (3) Sharing Services in our Alliance, we have engineered a catalyst with the power to transform our economy to become sustainable, compassionate and thriving.

We dream of an economy that creates opportunities for ALL people to earn a living doing what they love. We believe doing what you love is the key to creating a poverty-free society of wealth, health, happiness and meaningful employment for ALL people.

To achieve this epic vision of our future, we need today’s generation of youth to discover their passions and strengths and pour them into businesses aiming to make the world a better place.

The 3 SEAs of our 3-SEA Change Model:

(1) First, youth are provided with hands-on opportunities to explore, to experiment and to discover their passion and potential during their employment in our Social Entrepreneurship Academy. (Imagine a world with no student loans!)

(2) Upon graduation from the Academy, Youth with a social enterprise idea they are passionate about can choose to enter our Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator where they will receive mentorship and access to start up loans.

(3) All social enterprises launched and supported by SEA Change Nation will become a part of our Social Entrepreneurship Alliance. Through shared services that include, but are not limited to, Procurement, Human Resources, Marketing, Legal and Accounting, we will strive to lower their operating costs and increase their chances of success.

At SEA Change Nation we believe youth are the key to discovering the solutions to the complex societal challenges we currently face. We have reached a point in history where we can no longer afford to leave their naturally inherent compassion and creativity untapped.

Although our program is open to all youth, at SEA Change Nation we have a social mission of solving youth homelessness and poverty in Calgary. According to The United Way of Calgary’s 2011 Vulnerable Youth Report, their need for employment is acute. Research indicates 11,000 possible vulnerable youth that desire employment, but do not have access to it. This is a root cause of youth homelessness and poverty.

For every 10 youth that finds employment instead of entering the adult homeless shelter system, Albertans save approximately $1,000,000/year.

Learn more at http://seachangenation.com/

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