Striking a Balance between Collaboration and Competition

Today’s Alberta Primetime Interactive Question is:

What impact would eliminating score-keeping have on Alberta kids playing minor sports?

In my opinion, it’s important to continue to score-keep in sports. Choosing to eliminate score-keeping would take away a valuable and necessary learning opportunity from children.

There is a creative tension that exists between collaboration and competition. When teams, organizations, businesses, leadership races etc. are able to successfully strike a balance between the two, they both inspire and unite. Canada’s hockey gold medal a year ago comes to mind.

Society today can benefit from understanding that collaboration and competition are not mutually-exclusive concepts. One is not preferable to the other. They exist on the same continuum. Children need to learn from an early age that people aren’t competitive or collaborative. They are both.

A better question would be: How do we as a society learn to value teamwork, collaboration and skill-improvement equal to winning?

1 to the power of 3.7 million Albertans  = 1

There’s power in ONE.

We’re ALL on the same team.

6 thoughts on “Striking a Balance between Collaboration and Competition

  1. Sam says:

    My soccer team in England was the worst team in the league by far. The best game we ever played was when we lost 8-3. On an average game we lost 16-0. However, we loved playing and were a great ‘team.’ We went on to win the team with the best attitude. It taught me many lessons, and we were loosing by a lot! I agree with your opinion though!

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