The inspiration to begin my social entrepreneurship journey

I often get asked, “Why Spain?” “Why an MBA overseas?” and “What is social entrepreneurship?” This post and the previous one, describe the events that made my heart come alive and inspired me to believe the potential for my life was greater than I could possibly imagine.

In order to perform better on the GMAT essays, I started reading business magazines. Two articles specifically helped me to determine that an overseas MBA was the right choice for my life.

The October 24, 2005 issue of Canadian Business highlighted a recently established Canadian organization, MBA’s Without Borders. I immediately went to their website and found myself excited by the work opportunities available in developing nations. After visiting their website, I ramped up my research on different MBA programs. It was through this research that I received an invitation to the MBA fair in Paris. When I initially flew to Paris to the MBA fair, my intention was to do research to start my MBA in 2007. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and if past experience was any guide it was going to take me at least a year to figure it out.

Enroute to Paris, with my friend J, I was drawn to an article in The Economist called “A Survey on Wealth and Philanthropy.” It discussed the increased generosity of today’s wealthy and alluded to the fact that if vision and strategy were applied to the charitable donations the effects would be more far-reaching.

Considering myself a visionary, I decided with an MBA I could potentially revolutionize philanthropy. At the IESE booth at the MBA fair there was a potential IESE student asking about IESE’s views on Social Entrepreneurship. The admissions director started talking about their “Doing Good and Doing Well” conference that they hold every year. She proceeded to mention Muhammad Yunus, the founding father of the “micro-credit” and The Grameen Bank. He had attended the conference the previous year. She asked me if I had heard of him and I recalled that he was specifically mentioned in The Economist article.

This to me was a sign. I was encouraged to apply for 2006. I left the booth momentarily to give this idea some thought and decided that while I was in Europe I should visit the school. Concidentally…..if you believe in such things………IESE was having an Open Day in two days. Yet another sign! As I mentioned in my previous post, I flew to Barcelona, fell in love with the school and after an arduous admissions process, was finally accepted.

So I guess when you ask me……why Spain?……..why an MBA overseas?……all I can say is that I believe this is the inspiration I have been praying for. My self-centered existence is no longer tolerable!

After graduation, I plan on doing a couple work terms with MBA’s Without Borders. They are a Canadian not-for-profit organization that strives to contribute to the business and social development of upcoming nations through work rotations of early career MBA professionals. (as per their website) After that I would like to start my own company. A company in which affecting positive social change is as important as increasing the financial bottom-line. This innovative approach is a growing field known as Social Entrepreneurship. I have been doing some reading on it and I believe I have what it takes to be successful. All I need now is an idea!

I can’t wait to use my mind, work-ethic, drive and determination to ease the compassionate yearnings of my heart and to make the world a better place.

The excitement is building!

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