#yycSocEnt in the News – Nov 2012

Tammy Maloney:

Social entrepreneurship is really starting to roll in Calgary!

Originally posted on SEA Change Calgary: A Social Entrepreneurship Advocate:

Entrepreneurs Helping Put Haiti Back on Coffee Map



NOVEMBER 21, 2012

Student Energy aims to inspire next generation



NOVEMBER 19, 2012

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About Tammy Maloney

Tammy Maloney BA, MBA; Social Entrepreneur, former facilitator of change management in the Calgary Oil and Gas industry and former Chief Operating Officer for the William J. Clinton Foundation in Nigeria. Founder of SEA Change Nation: (http://seachangenation.com) and 2011 Alberta Party Leadership Candidate. I’m passionate about people and business. I'm inspired by the infinite potential they have to transform society through creative collaboration and trusting relationships.
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One Response to #yycSocEnt in the News – Nov 2012

  1. Abe Ageme says:

    Hi Tammy, how is everything going, it was good to see you and Jennifer on friday evening.
    When i read some of the letters you posted on line it seems to me fairly interested what you are try to do on this moment and in the near future i really hope to hear more about.


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